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With the rapid change to a more environmentally conscious future, RKB Eco was formed to deliver solutions that are not only climate conscious, but provide value for money and cheaper ongoing operating costs.

We are passionate about providing a fully connected solution – cheaply generating energy to power your property, storing it for when it is needed the most, and delivering systems that can support your lifestyle or business such as electric vehicle charging, energy efficient electrical heating.

Eco Services

With the rapid take up of Electric Vehicle sales, there needs to be an equally rapid increase in the country’s EV Charging infrastructure. RKB Eco is authorised to install a carefully selected range of EV Charging Equipment products that provide the most convenient solution for charging your vehicle at whether its at home or at your workplace.

Have your own power station. Earn an income by selling your electricity back to the national grid or generate free electricity to charge your electric car. These are just some of the advantages you can benefit from if RKB Eco were to install a Solar Power and Battery system to your home or office.

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