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Electrical Load Monitoring

Electrical Load Monitoring can be used to help identify problems with your electrical systems by identifying if there are any voltage, frequency or loading anomalies present in electrical installations distribution systems or to monitor ongoing energy usage at a property or for a particular installation.

The monitoring equipment can also be used to identify if there is an uneven load present on 3 phase systems so that these can be corrected, and a balanced supply restored and safety maintained.

The Process

A measuring instrument is attached to the main supply, or the location to be assessed. In a typical three-phase system three current probes and three voltage probes are attached to the three phase conductors while a single voltage probe is attached to the neutral conductor. These are then connected to a power recording instrument.

We can also perform load monitoring on single phase main supplies.

Data Reporting​

The recording equipment is used to produce a report which shows the currents, voltages, frequency, power factor and harmonics over a period of between 1 to 30 days. The system will detect and report on any spikes or dropouts that have occurred in the electrical supply. Our equipment can also be used to measure efficiency, output and energy costs.

By locating areas of major power consumption, businesses can put an action plan in place to tackle energy efficiency and ultimately reduce their bills. In addition, with the reporting provided, businesses can also put in place measures that provide better voltage quality, giving them immediate verification of power system changes and a more reliable electrical system and power quality history allows for open and fair discussions with service providers in the event of a problem.

Electrical Services

RKB Electrical has a wealth of experience in installing energy efficient electrical systems that enhance the environment in which we live and work. The advantage for RKB is that we also install our designs which means our clients benefit from years of experience designing quality and reliability into projects from the start.

The design and installation of room lighting can play a critical role in both the health and welfare of colleague, visitors, and members of the public alike. A well-designed lighting system can also increase productivity and make a space more inviting.

RKB Electrical are essential to providing a safe working environment in most office and workplace settings. RKB Electrical is able to draw on years of installation experience to design and expand existing or install new fire detection and alarm systems.

Can you remember when you last your network connection? Regardless of what you were doing, it was harder or more inconvenient. Installing a fast, reliable, high quality data infrastructure is the first steps to ensuring piece if mind. This is where RKB can deliver!

Businesses, charities and other organisations use events to showcase what they have to offer or get across key messages. You need to stand out from the crowd to attract the right people. RKB know how critical it is to make the right impression and help deliver the wow factor.

Its all too easy to forget those essential maintenance jobs that keep your equipment operating trouble free. Electrical systems are no different we can provide both adhoc and scheduled maintenance plans that can work around your business environment.

Electrical Load Monitoring is essential in order to quickly identify if there are any voltage, frequency or loading anomalies present in electrical installations distribution systems. Completion of a load balancing survey will allow RKB to correct an imbalanced supply and ensure safety is maintained.

Electrical installations don’t last forever – daily use and ageing can impact how well and how safely they work. Electrical Testing can identify faults such as defective electrical works and overloaded circuits, which are just a few issues that carry with them risks of shocks and fires.

Protecting your premises from intruders and theft is a priority for most businesses and home owners. RKB Electrical can design and install solutions which put you in control of the access to your premises, day and night!